Professional Driver Agency drives your students – and you – to success.

Professional Driver Agency drives your students
—and you—
to success.

Because we understand the challenges of retaining new students in the transportation industry, Professional Driver Agency provides training, testing and support to guarantee the long-term success of student truck drivers and their CDL schools. We partner with America’s top driving schools to help students create careers – not just “find another job.”

What does PDA do for student drivers?

PDA agents are former truck drivers, fleet managers, trainers and industry leaders who are here to help and support student drivers as they navigate their way through an ever-changing industry.

PDA agents work with student drivers to determine what they expect to get out of their careers and which trucking companies will meet their specific needs. PDA agents then continue to work with drivers as a mentor, coach, counselor and advocate for the entirety of their career—from placement to orientation, to team and solo driving, our agents are there for every moment.

PDA offers exclusive training and testing tools guaranteed to start a student’s driving career off right.

Life on the Road Training

Our Life on the Road Training program utilizes a comprehensive Learning Modular System to prepare students for the challenges, obstacles and culture they’ll experience as an over-the-road truck driver.

What does that mean for CDL schools?

When CDL schools partner with PDA, they have a valued partner who is invested in the success of their driver graduates.

  • Schools see improved retention and placement rates, as well as greater returns on tuition—which boost the company’s reputation and bargaining power in the industry.
  • Students gain comprehensive insight into what life on the road is really like.
  • Our agents remain in constant contact with student drivers to track their success and provide valuable guidance throughout the entirety of their career—from placement and orientation to beyond!
  • And most importantly – when a grad is more successful, their school is more successful too!

Since our services are free to students and schools, working with Professional Driver Agency is always

  • “U.S. Xpress credits our 89.5% student retention rate to our partnership with Professional Driver Agency.”
    — U.S. Xpress CEO Max Fuller