Professional Driver Agency

Rehire. Retain. Reward.

Our R2R (resign to rehire) program was designed to help you retain recently resigned drivers who are eligible for rehire. We do this by working with your recruiting departments to bring drivers back to your fleets and gathering information on a driver’s voluntary termination.

Why is a rehired driver valuable?

  • The driver is familiar with your company equipment, personnel, customer, and routes and does not require training upon rehire
  • In many cases, rehire orientation is not necessary
    • Driver will be back in a truck at a much quicker pace
    • You save time and money on training / orientation expense

Why use a 3rd party?

PDA has found that we have been able to improve upon client rehire programs. Drivers are more likely to answer a call that is coming from PDA and are typically more honest about why they left. 

What PDA needs from you

Serving and assisting you in fulfilling your driver needs is our number-one priority, however we do view our relationship with you as a partnership. This partnership is most successful when you can assist us in our processes:

  • Regularly (weekly) send an updated list of recently terminated drivers who are eligible for rehire
  • Be flexible when addressing the issues that led to the voluntary termination (i.e. switching the driver’s route, manager, etc.)
  • Examine any necessary changes to company policy that would encourage driver to return (i.e. orientation-bye for drivers gone less than 30-60 days, reinstated health benefits, vacation time, seniority, etc.)

Exit Interview

  • If a driver chooses to not return, PDA Agents will attempt to complete an exit interview
  • The PDA Agent will obtain valuable information regarding the driver’s voluntary termination