Professional Driver Agency

PDA Can Help You Lower Your 180-Day Retention Rate

The most challenging time for both drivers as well as carriers is the first 180 days of employment. Many drivers will leave during this time, causing carriers to struggle with their 180-day retention rate. PDA helps you retain drivers during this time by offering agent services to drivers that will help the drivers navigate these first 180 days.


During the first 180 days of employment:

  • New driver will be assigned a PDA Agent straight out of orientation
  • PDA Agent will contact the new driver at a minimum of one time per week (the driver will be contacted more often if the Agent feels that he/she needs additional attention)
  • Driver will be given his/her agent’s contact information so that the driver can call PDA with any questions / concerns
  • PDA will contact you if the Agent believes the driver requires additional assistance
  • PDA Agent will help drivers with pay stubs, signing up for health benefits, properly managing hours of service, maximizing miles, communicating with fleet managers, and ensuring company SOPs are being followed