Reduce risks, follow trends, and stay informed with RAMP from PDA.

PDA’s Retention Analytics and Monitoring Portal (RAMP) is a simple, streamlined data portal that allows employers to track retention data, identify employees that are having issues and monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly employee feedback data trends.


Benefits of


Real Time Data that’s easy to use – PDA has developed a portal layout that captures employee feedback in real time and presents it in an easy-to-use format.


Data navigation tools – Employers can review their data by individual locations, offices, terminals, managers, recruiters, and other key demographics.


Data drill down – RAMP takes the guessing game out of identifying which employees are having issues. RAMP allows employers to drill down on specific issues and quickly identify and intervene with an individual employee before it’s too late.


High/moderate turnover risk categories – Based on employee feedback, employers can see which of their employers are a high/moderate turnover risk and will have the ability, in real time, to address individual employee issues immediately to help curb turnover.


Individual employee summaries/timelines – Employers can look at a summary of an individual employee’s feedback and see a timeline of when an employee had an issue.


Enhanced issue reporting – With RAMP, PDA can run detailed reporting on individual issues, providing additional details for employers.


Trending data – RAMP allows employers to track data on a monthly basis. This allows employers to track areas of improvement, see if particular issues are spiking and monitor specific areas of focus.


Comparative data – RAMP allows employers to see how their data compares to others in their industry. If you want to know how your data stacks up to other companies, RAMP can tell you that.

RAMP is continuously evolving, and PDA is always looking for ways to enhance our partners’ experience with additional data points. Join our email list to keep up to date on the latest upgrades we are making to RAMP.

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