COVID-19 Driver Survey

PDA’s data allows you to leverage insight into making more informed decisions.

Available for free, PDA’s COVID-19 Data Download offers a comprehensive look into the driver’s perspective about the pandemic. The whitepaper, collected through thousands of survey results from professional drivers, reveals the latest issues and concerns regarding COVID-19. The report details concerns of drivers (bringing the virus home to family/friends, personal health, access to PPE), plus the latest findings on COVID 19.

Key takeaways include:

  • Bring the virus home to family/friends - 72% of drivers said they were most concerned about bringing home the virus to family and friends

  • Personal health - 45% said they were concerned about their personal health

  • Access to PPE – nearly 54% of drivers wanted more access to personal protective equipment (PPE)

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About PDA: Our mission is to change the landscape of the transportation industry by offering comprehensive retention and rehire programs while providing trucking companies with actionable data, allowing carriers to be proactive in retention.

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